A visit to my last place of work. - Mumbai

A visit to my last place of work.  - Mumbai
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Posted On : 03-May-2014

From Raj Balakrishnans, Desk

I recently went to Ahura Centre, Andheri East with some friends and
when it was time to go home, I thought of passing by the office where I
used to work which is just a few kilometres away. I have last been to
that place almost a couple of months ago and since it was still early,
I decided to pay my old officemates a visit and hopefully catch up with
my ex-boss whom I really enjoyed working for when I was still there.

I entered the building and discovered that nothing much has changed.
Unfortunately, most of the people that I was looking forward to see
were not working there anymore. However, I was glad to discover that my
ex-boss was still the one running the show in the department. I went to
his office and was greeted by his secretary who asked if I had an

I introduced myself and said my reasons for the visit. He said that I
was in luck because hes on his way back from his last meeting and he
would be available to accomodate me. Surprisingly, my ex-boss suddenly
came in and immediately recognized me and he became enthusiastic about
what I have been doing lately in my life.

We went inside his office and talked about a lot of things. He updated
me regarding my old friends in the office where do they work now and
who got married recently and other news about them. And then he asked
about me. I said that Im busy managing my own business while doing a
lot of freelance jobs. I likewise mentioned that I have recently
started a blog on how to be rich, which I have been doing during my
free time.

My ex-boss is not really a big fan of the internet so I had to explain
what a blog is. I gave him my address and he immediately logged into
the internet to take a look at it. I decided to go to his side so that
I could explain more about my website. As I was walking towards the
other side of his desk, I immediately saw his facial reactions as my
webpage is loaded on the screen. I noticed the subtle movements of his
eyes as he is scanning through the front page.

I decided to remain silent and observed him as he explores the site and
scanned through several articles. He was reading a post I wrote about
debt and self-renewal when he suddenly decided to click a Google
advertisement at the sidebar. He was surprised to see my webpage gone.
At that point, I explained to him what he just did and told him how he
made me earn some money.

Suffice to say, we had a good time catching up that afternoon. During
my drive back home, I realized that Ive just learned a great way on
how to evaluate the effectivity of my blogs layout. Ask non-bloggers
to visit your site and see how they will explore and navigate through
your blog. What caught their attention first? Where did their mouse
pointers hover and what did they clicked?

At that point, I decided that rather than just relying on theories,
blogging tips and best known practices about web design and layout, I
could likewise conduct an experiment with my non-blogger friends and
observe how my website would appeal to them. This way, I will have a
better understanding on how to improve my blog. You should try to do it

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